Middletown Village Community Foundation
Connecting Neighbors with Neighbors
Our History
The Middletown Village Community Foundation was formed in 2016 for the purpose of bringing neighbors together.  Middletown Village is a unique neighborhood of over 1,000 household, comprised of apartments, townhomes, duplexes, and single famiyl dwellings; we are diverse in economics, religion, ethnicity, and culture.  MVCF believes we possess the resources to make our neighborhood a place of comfort, community, and support - if we work together for the common good.  MVCF facilitates this work through programs and events designed to unite and support Middletown Village, its residents, and the surrounding community.
Mission, Vision
and Core Values
The Mission of Middletown Village Community Foundation is: 
Using our resources to unite our community for a beautiful common future.

The Vision of Middletown Village Community Foundation is:
Making Middletown Village a desireable place to live for all people.

Our Core Values are:

Unity - We serve a diverse neighborhood with a broad range of perspectives and experiences; our programs and events seek to bring people together in respectful dialogue so that all our neighbors may enjoy peace and thrive in Middletown Village.

Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standards of openness and transparency and welcome our neighbors to hold Middletown Village Community Foundation to these standards, even if it is uncomfortable at times.

Generosity - We seek to be a giving organization in every aspect of the word; our programs and events will embody a spirit of service and sacrifice above all else.

Advocacy - We represent all of our neighbors and strive to speak on behalf of the common good with special attention to those voices that might be left out, forgotten, or marginalized.